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Proudly we present you our newest catalogue.
With this catalogue we would like to give you an impression of our company and products.

This catalogue shows only a selection of our product range.
Apart from this selection, we produce a large number of products, specially developed on request from customers.

You can take a look in our catalogue online or download the complete catalogue in PDF format.

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Pegasus Zorg is proud seller of the next products


  • Brakes
  • Brake levers
  • Brake cables and attachments


  • Therapy tables
  • Therapy table holders
  • Therapy table holders reception tubes


  • Headrests
  • Headrestholder conductors
  • Headrestholder mounting parts


  • Legrests
  • Legrests spare parts


  • Wheels with pneumatic tyre
  • Wheels with solid (PU) tyre
  • Wheel attachments
  • Spacers with collar
  • Spacers without collar


  • Tubes
  • Tyres


  • Adult wheelchairs
  • Children wheelchairs
  • Indoor wheelchairs


  • Wheelchair accessories
  • Oxygen cilinder holders
  • Accessories
  • Spoke guards
  • Grips


  • Gassprings
  • Gassprings control units

Mounting parts

  • Snappers (indexing bolts)
  • Clamps and pipe clamps
  • Welding nuts and corner welding nuts
  • Knobs and clamping handles
  • Plastic caps

Fixation parts

  • Fixatie en aanpassing onderdelen
  • 90 degrees plates and tubes
  • Armrest sub parts
  • Adjustment parts