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Pegasus Zorg stands for innovation, quality and service

Our history


Pegasus Zorg is a professional organization that is specialized in the production, import and designing of healthcare products.

Besides that, new products are beeing developed within our in-house design department.
This gives us the possibilities to offer custom made products to our customers.
Our product range varies from complete wheelchairs, wich are suitable for custom seating sytstems, to more specifiek components and spare parts like armrests and legrests.

In 2001 we started the production of wheelchair frames, specifically for orthosis seating systems.
Since then, we have made great progress in the development of our wheelchairs.

We have expanded our product range in 2005 with our own production of wheelchair wheels.
In 2007 the production of our standard wheelchair parts started and this has led to the point that since 2009 we are able to create customized products on request,
from concept to creation.

Thanks to our global production facilities and faithful customers, Pegasus Zorg has become a solid factor in the production and providence of healthcare products with customers all over the world.

The majority of our products are self-produced or directly bought from the manufacturer.
This allows us to offer a wide and competitive product range.

Our mission


The mission of Pegasus Zorg is to exceed the expectations of our customers, the following core values in our organization are helping us do so.

  • Thinking alongside with our customers
  • Quick and short communication lines
  • Development of new products
  • Improving existing products
  • Respectable aftersales and guarantee terms